North MSP challenges government on A9 dualling commitment

29 January 2009

The Scottish Government was today (Thursday) challenged to demonstrate its commitment to meet their promises to dualling the A9 by ditching their plans to upgrading sections to three lanes in favour of previously promised dual carriageway.

The challenge came from north Labour MSP, Peter Peacock.

Speaking also on behalf of his colleagues Rhoda Grant MSP and David Stewart MSP he said:

"The SNP have been pretending they favour dualling the A9 but close reading of their recent transport plans reveal that they only plan to upgrade small sections of the road to three lanes north of Blair Atholl in the coming ten years or so.

"This is very different to the promises made before the election which was to dual the entire length of the A9.

"It is important to watch what the SNP do, not just listen to what they say.

"Their very first act on the A9 is to break their promise of dualling and my colleagues and I are challenging them to stick to their election promises by building the new sections as dual carriageway at Carrbridge and Moy, not the three lane road they have announced.

"If they fail to do so, their actions will speak much louder than their words.

Peter Peacock raised the issue in Parliament through a question to Transport Minister Stuart Stevenson in which he challenged the Minister to immediately instruct an upgrading of the design from the three lane sections they recently announced to dual carriageway, as promised before the election.

Speaking after the question session, he said:

"While they would still want us to believe they will dual the A9, there is no evidence whatever they actually intend to do so. Indeed, the evidence of their actions shows they are not going to dual the road.

"Before they were elected they said the three lane road sections on the A9 were wholly inadequate, but now they plan to build more, when they could build dual carriageway.

"If they do this they will be making clear their past and present promises are nothing more than empty rhetoric.

"I am not fooled by the SNP's attempt to con us into believing they have any real commitment to dual the A9 and I hope no one else will conned either.

"We are providing the SNP with an opportunity to keep their promises to the people so far it seems clear they have no intention of doing so."


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