Peacock wins unanimous backing for Morvern post petition

27 November 2009


The Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee has given its unanimous backing to a pleas from Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Peter Peacock, to back Morvern residents to have their post code changed.

The backing comes following a speech to the Committee in which Peter Peacock described the current arrangements as "absurd", a situation where Morvern is classified as Oban, despite it being hours of travel time from Oban and quite separate from it.

Local residents have been campaigning for a change for many years and earlier this year Peter Peacock helped Douglas Watt and the local community council to submit a petition to Parliament.

Mr Peacock described the practical consequences for local people of the current arrangements, leading to confusion and delay in services or the non delivery of some couriered services which take goods to Oban only to discover that Morvern is over 100 miles away by road, or involves two ferry journeys from Oban.

Speaking after the meeting Peter Peacock said,

"I was delighted the Committee so readily supported the arguments. They can see the nonsense of the current arrangements and will now pursue the case on behalf of local residents.

"I am pleased that the Royal Mail have been undertaking a further review of the situation in recent times and I hope they will now make the changes that the clear majority of local people want.

"They are a big and sophisticated organisation and I am sure where there is a will to do something there is usually a way. I hope the interest of the Scottish Parliament will help concentrate minds even more.

"The Morvern situation is pretty unique and I don't think Royal mail will be creating any damaging precedent if they make this change which, after all, seems to arise from an administrative error sometime in the past."


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