1,000 Less Teachers in Scotland

25 March 2009


Commenting on the fall in teacher numbers, Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands and the former Labour Education Minister who built up the teacher numbers to a record high said, "The figures for Scotland as a whole are deplorable. In little over a year the SNP have not just broken another promise to parents, pupils and teachers, they have put into sharp decline teacher numbers that were painstakingly built up under Labour.

"In every Council area of the Highlands and Islands there are now fewer teachers than there were 3 or 4 years ago

"The SNP in their flawed concordat with local government have given away their ability to meet the promise they made to the people of Scotland to maintain teacher numbers and reduce class sizes.

"By removing funds earmarked for teachers we see the result, years of progress for the north put into reverse.

"Every new teacher who cannot find a job now can see the reason, the SNP are shrinking the number of teachers instead of shrinking class sizes.

"Another day, another broken promise from the SNP."


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