Highland MSP attacks Ministerís Spin over TLR

23 February 2009

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands Labour regional MSP has accused Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson of Ďspiní over his comments in Inverness today (Monday) on funding of the Inverness Trunk Link Road.

Mr Peacock said, "The Transport Ministerís comment that the Highland Council could finance this vital project is absurd.

"The Council Leader has made it very clear they donít have the cash and no amount of spin from the SNP will generate cash in the councilís coffers.

"The TLR is a major undertaking well beyond the councilís budget Ė a fact the minister must be well aware of, why else has every party campaigned to get government involvement, something the SNP are now moving away from as fast as they can.

"Any suggestion the Council either already has the cash or can raise it easily is entirely false

"The traffic congestion in and around Inverness is only going to get worse with the major trunk roads continuing to feed this traffic into the city.

"Inverness is still developing economically and the lack of good road transport links is a basic requirement for this to be sustained.

"Pushing the funding issue back towards the council is simply not good enough. The Transport Minister should stop spinning and properly fund this important project."


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