MSP continues to fight for broadband access in remote communities

21 April 2009


Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP, is due to meet with OFCOM tomorrow (Wednesday) to continue to fight for the better access to broadband.

The meeting comes as Labour MEP, Catherine Sthiler tabled two questions to the European Parliament about the provision of broadband for remote and rural areas.

Mr Peacock said, " I am looking forward to meeting OFCOM, I want to impress upon them that they have they have an important role to play in helping ensure the islands do not fall behind the provision of improved broadband for the rest of Scotland.

"I continue to be contacted by consumers across the islands expressing their hope that future investment can be accelerated and to try and secure better services.

"I am under no illusions at just what a challenge this will be for BT, given the investment models used in the past but we need to stand up for the needs of the islands on this and that is what I intend to do."

Ms Stihler said: "Equal access to broadband is a clear objective for the European Union and it is important to ensure that everyone is able to make use of technology.

I have tabled questions to the European Commission and Council to help push for people living in remote and island communities will get the support they need to ensure they get access to broadband."


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