21 January 2009


Categorical 'No' to Government re-think on Inverness TLR

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP, has strongly criticised the Transport Minister for ruling out any hope of reversing the Scottish Government's decision not to fund the Inverness Trunk Route Link.

Despite calls from local people, the regional transport partnership Hitrans and Highland councillors to look again at the ‘missing link’ between the A82 and the A9, the Minister has given a categorical ‘no’ to doing so.

The revelation comes in an answer to a Parliamentary question to the Minister, tabled by Labour MSP Peter Peacock and answered earlier this week.

"This is a devastating set back for all of us who hoped that this vital work, which will affect the future prosperity of Inverness, could be brought back in from the wilderness. The Government’s decision means that they see no funding requirement from them for the key section of the TLR until after 2020 at the earliest."

"It is deeply disappointing that there has been no sign of any shift on this and SNP spin on this issue that the Transport Minister will now engage in meaningful debate on this issue is simply a diversion to try and minimise criticism.

"The SNP government is condemning the centre of Inverness to a decade and more of growing congestion unless they can be persuaded to change their mind. The chances of that look slimmer and slimmer.

"The promises and rhetoric of support from the SNP before the election look more hollow as every day passes.

" Another broken promise to add to that ever growing list."


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