Mallaig to Lochboisdale Ferry : response to Ministerís answers

20 December 2009

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP Peter Peacock has expressed his disappointment at the answers he has received to Parliamentary Questions from Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson on the Mallaig to Lochboisdale Ferry issue.

"These are very disappointing answers and show just how far away the prospect of a new ferry service is in the mind of the Scottish government.

"The admission that the report will take months to complete and that, whatever it says, there is no money in the budget for this service, shows there is no real commitment from this Scottish government to this route.

"This is yet another broken promise in the making, to add to the ever growing trail of broken promises that this Scottish government has become famed for.

"We must not let the Scottish government off the hook and keep pressing for them to give this new route the backing it needs and the boost to the local economy that would mean for the islands and for Mallaig."


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