Peter Peacock MSP comments on the Scottish Government's Affordable Housing U-turn

Commenting on the decision of the SNP to reverse some of their cuts to housing budgets in the north, Peter Peacock, Labour MSP for Highlands and Islands said :

"Until today the SNP were denying they were making cuts to the housing budget in the Highlands and Islands.

"Now they have been forced into a massive U turn, restoring some of the budget they were cutting and, typically, trying to claim it is new spending.

"The SNP have much further to go and more U turns they need to make if they are to protect Highlands and Islands construction workers jobs from other disastrous investment decisions they have been making, like slowing down the new school buildings programme."

Labour Enterprise Spokesman Elaine Murray said:

"Alex Salmond has perhaps recognised the folly of his proposal to cut housing association budgets by £90 million, but nobody should be fooled that this announcement means extra funding.

"Labour has consistently called for these cuts to be reversed.

"The SNP’s U-turn after sustained pressure is a first step, but it does not go far enough.

"House builders are reporting that 15,000 workers have already been laid off as a result of the credit crunch.

"We need imaginative solutions to help the industry in these difficult times.

"The SNP’s credit is low after disappointing first-time buyers by failing to deliver on its promise to provide £2,000 grants and now deliberately setting out to mislead the public that they are providing new money."

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