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18 September 2009

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP is calling for urgent clarification from the Scottish govt about how much been cut from the budget of Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Mr Peacock said: "Comparing last year’s budget to this years, there appears to be a further cut of many millions.

"This would reduce HIEs capacity to support businesses even more than we have been seeing taking place since the Scottish Government started interfering with their ability to serve the region.

"Support for HIE is all the more crucial given the current economic climate.

"The Government’s record on HIE has been abysmal.

"They have turned a first rate organisation into one that is severely hampered in its ability to support our economy, something they have done successfully for over forty years.

"Support is being reduced year on year and step by step those reductions reduce their ability to support our communities.

Mr Peacock added: "It is clear the government are forcing HIE into some very difficult choices.

"Instead of further reducing support, it would be money well spent to restore their budget to previous levels."


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