Peacock reacts to Transport Minister's comments on TLR

17 April 2009

Commenting on the announcements about the TLR by Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson earlier in the week, Labour MSP, Peter Peacock said,

"Stewart Stevenson's approach to the TLR is truly astonishing.

"At an SNP inspired press conference to which no other parties were invited he urged that party politics should be taken out of this issue!

"It is very clear that the only reason they called the press conference was to try and stop the haemorrhaging of votes from the SNP at the local by-election because they know their manifest failures on the TLR are costing them dear.

"It is only right that the Council and British Waterways and other agencies work together to try and secure an outcome for the development of the TLR, that was always going to have to happen.

"But for the Minister who just a few months ago refused to do his bit for the TLR when announcing his future transport plans to now suggest a working group can solve the problem is simply an attempt to face both ways at the same time, refusing to offer any money when he had the chance and now using a working group to deflect attention from his decision.

"No one should be fooled by this, the Minister has made it clear in Parliament he has no intention of reversing his recent decision not to fund the TLR and that is at the root of the problem.

"For the TLR to make any real sense the Minister needs to make clear an absolute commitment to make significant government cash available.

"Without the commitment of principle to this route by the SNP and using it as the new Trunk Route through Inverness, there can be little progress."


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