Peacock welcomes Uists Job news

16 September 2009

Commenting on the news that the UK Government rejected Quinetiq's proposals to axe jobs in the Uists, Peter Peacock, Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands said:

"The local task force and community are to be congratulated on their fantastic campaign and Jim Murphy and his Westminster colleagues deserve the utmost credit for doing a great job for the Islands.

"There have been huge efforts behind the scenes to get this result, with Labour in the Islands being active in private lobbying to support the local taskforce.

"Not least in this has been Councillor Donald John MacSween who has persistently championed the cause publicly and privately since the matter first came up for consultation.

"The taskforce had very little time to respond to the threat, despite the fact the local MP had been briefed on the impending problems some two years ago, but failed to tell anyone."

Mr Peacock added: "The MPs role in this whole affair warrants close examination.

"Even before the consultation was formally announced, his strategy gave all the appearance of seeking to exploit the issue for purely party political advantage for himself by decrying the `decision' he claimed Labour Ministers and Westminster had already made.

" Only this weekend he was proclaiming Labour was finished in the Islands because of a decision to close the base, well he has a mighty amount of humble pie to eat now.

"It is Westminster Labour Ministers listening to local people and strong arguments that makes this a good day for the Islands


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