Corran Ferry slipway repairs

12 January 2010

Text of Letter from Peter Peacock to Highland Council

I am aware from contact by a number of constituents that there are urgent repairs needed to the slipway at Nether Lochaber for the Corran ferry and that council officials advise that this will necessitate the complete closure of the ferry crossing for a period of weeks.

This is causing real concern locally, for obvious reasons, among which access and transport to health
facilities, particularly in emergencies, figure.

I would be grateful if you could set out for me whether the only option for the necessary works requires the complete closure of the facility?

What other options have been considered and why they were ruled out?

What special arrangements are being proposed, in consultation with the health service, for emergency health cover, including for example, greater use of helicopter for emergencies during the period of closure, if that is the only course of action that will be possible?

I appreciate the options here are likely to be limited, but I would be grateful for your response as soon as possible, in order that I can respond to my constituents.

I also appreciate there is to be a further public meeting to explore the issues in a couple of weeks.

I have copied this letter to Roger Gibbons at NHS Highland in so far as it relates to the health issues.




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