Western Isles losing out under Energy Assistance Package

11 November 2009


Installations of central heating systems across the Highlands and Islands have plummeted under the SNP’s Government’s new Energy Assistance Package.

Since the Energy Assistance Package (EAP) replaced the previous Scottish Executive’s Central Heating Programme (CHP) in April 2009, 429 systems were installed across all of Scotland.

Mr Peacock: "These are shocking figures and expose the lamentable failure of the SNP Government’s Energy Assistance Package.

"I could understand a slight dip in numbers given it is a new package, but only 19 were fitted across the Highlands and Islands.

" On the Western Isles alone, none have been fitted.

"In some cases the reason for this is the lack of mains gas, with people being offered inefficient and costly to run electric storage heaters or oil. Choosing oil means many will need to find significant sums to able to fit them.

"The government are letting down people across the Highlands and Islands."

Mr Peacock added: "The previous programme was a success story of the Labour Scottish Executive and helped some of the most vulnerable people in society obtain warm and efficient homes.

"It is a travesty the SNP has ruined it with their totally failed and discredited alternative.

"It is either a callous cost cutting measure targeting the vulnerable and elderly or a sign of complete incompetence by the SNP."


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