North MSP slams Scottish Government’s lack of action over shocking dog collars.

09 April 2009

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP, has hit out at the Scottish Government’s failure to act on banning electronic dog collars, as the Welsh Assembly moves to make the use of such devices illegal.

Following the receipt of answers to Parliamentary Questions he tabled on the issue, Mr Peacock said:

"The Scottish Government are disappointing huge numbers of concerned people on animal welfare issues.

"Having failed to act on snaring they are now refusing to act on banning the use of electric shock collars on dogs.

"These devices are placed round a dog’s neck and if the dog fails to obey, the owner gives an electric shock causing the animal to flinch and yelp from the shock.

"This is cruel and unnecessary.

"The Welsh Assembly are taking the lead by ongoing consultations on draft regulations to ban the use of electronic devices used to train animals by aversive techniques.

"Both the SSPCA and the Kennel Club have voice their support for banning these cruel devices, which they say do not help to train animals.

"The police and military already ban the use of these collars and their dogs are trained to a very high standard.

"The vast majority of working dogs are trained by traditional positive methods."

Mr Peacock added:

"The Scottish government will not outlaw these collars but will leave each individual case to the judgement of misuse identified to the judgement of court.

"They claim they do not have enough information to act, but how much information do you need when a clearly unpleasant and potentially cruel practise exists?

"Isn't that just common sense?

"Animal welfare organisations already agree they should be banned, and there is sufficient evidence for the Welsh Assembly to move to end the use of these unpleasant appliances.

"Animal lovers will feel very let down by the inaction of the Scottish government on this."




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