Government need to listen to crofting consultation

06 November 2009

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, is insisting the government needs to listen to and act on the views of crofters, now the responses to the recent consultation on the draft crofting Bill has been published.

Mr Peacock said: "The draft crofting Bill as it stands will not get support in parliament.

"Seldom, if ever, can a draft Bill have received more criticism than this controversial crofting reform legislation.

"Those who are directly involved in crofting have made their opposition to the plans known during the consultation period and at the various meetings which took place.

"Now it is in black and white for all to see.

"Most respondent think the key proposals are either undesirable or unworkable, or are entirely split on the issue.

"The SNP needs to listen to these responses and take them seriously.

"The proposals managed to create an unprecedented alliance between individual crofters, the Crofting Foundation, the NFU, landowners, grazings committees and local authorities, all in opposition to its main proposals.

"Labour members are more than prepared to lead the fight to protect crofting interests, if the government insists on proceeding without very major change across a range of proposals."

Mr Peacock added: "The Government already have major powers at their disposal to act on the concerns of crofters and they would be well advised to use the powers that the last crofting bill left them to direct the Crofters Commission to address those concerns, as a first step."



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