Highland Council urged to take action to help Honey Bees

04 June 2009



Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP has urged the Highland Council to do their part to help protect Bees.

Around this time of year, the local authority undertakes trimming of foliage of roadside verges using mechanical flails mounted on tractors.

Mr Peacock said: "In the past this practice has attracted adverse comment due to the effect on the environment.

"This is often done in the interests of road safety and it is important that this continues in appropriate locations.

"However, the practice is also happening on long stretches of single track road where the road safety argument cannot be applied so readily.

"The destruction of roadside wildlife environments by flailing, impacts on insects and birds and reduces biodiversity.

"Intensive modern farming methods have also meant that roadside verges have become much more important as wildlife environments. "

Mr Peacock added: "Several councils in the UK have now introduced policies to improve biodiversity on their roadside verges.

"I would urge the Highland Council to consider following suit and have another look at their roadside verge failing policy given the pressure Honey Bees and other pollinators are under, and the financial pressure the Council is under."


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