Plockton Traditional Music School : Peter Peacock raises funding issue

3 February 2011

The plight of Plockton Traditional Music School, faced with complete closure as a result of potential Highland Council cuts was raised in Parliament today (Thursday February 3) by Highlands and Islands Labour MSP Peter Peacock.

Mr Peacock raised the matter at education questions and reminded the Minister that past Scottish governmentís had put substantial sums of money into creating the centre and the asked the education Minister if he was concerned at the prospect of closure.

He said,

"I was pleased the Minister acknowledged the great success of the traditional music school at Plockton and the fact that national funds were being made available to the Council to provide a national centre of excellence.

"I was further pleased to hear the Minister saying he was taking an interest in the matter and wanted the council to discuss it with him."

Mr Peacock, who, was an education Minister when the original funding was agreed said he hoped the Council would not proceed to make a decision on the Plockton school next week, but work to ensure that it could continue, even with the school making a contribution to the Councilís savings targets.

He concluded, "What has been created at Plockton is something very special indeed.

"I am sure there is a way forward to keep the school fully intact, while also taking a share of the Councilís cuts.

"The school is a national school based in the Highlands and the Council gets extra funds accordingly.

"If the Council stopped funding the school, the case for them getting those extra funds ceases and then there would be no financial benefit to them closing the school."


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