Teacher Number Collapse Condemned
01 December 2009



The Labour MSP who was responsible for building up teacher numbers to record levels when he was education Minister, Peter Peacock, has condemned the SNP government for presiding over a collapse of over 2,000 in the number of teachers they inherited on coming to government in 2007.
Highland, Argyll and Bute and Moray are among the Councils seeing significant falls in numbers.
Peter Peacock said,
"To see the wholesale collapse in teacher numbers is appalling.
"The increase in numbers didn't happen by accident, it took huge effort and commitment, but in two short years the SNP have undermined the improvements made and started a process of already massive decline in numbers.
"They should hang their heads in shame. We have well qualified young teachers languishing on the doll because of the incompetence and neglect of this government.
"In Highland the numbers have dropped by 83 since 2007 and their pupil teacher ratios have started to rise, in Moray there are 38 fewer teachers, and in Argyll and Bute 21.
"Between these three councils alone that represents over 140 jobs and lost opportunity for teachers, pupils and schools.
"It is increasingly clear the SNP have lost the plot, they have broken promise after promise after promise.
"They said they would maintain teacher numbers and are now presiding over a massive collapse - it is a disgrace."


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