Moray Childcare Update

01 October 2009

Peter Peacock, Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, has welcomed the publication of the follow up inspection report into services protecting children and young people in the Moray Council area.

Mr Peacock said, "The initial inspection report raised areas of considerable concern and was as poor a report as I have seen.

"At the time of the initial report I urged all professionals involved to digest the report and to act swiftly.

"The protection of our vulnerable children is an area of work requiring constant vigilance and the highest standards of professional practice and previous practices in Moray were not of the required standard.

"Clearly much hard work has gone into turning round the situation and staff in all public agencies are now more focused in responding to the needs of the most vulnerable children in Moray.

"However, it is also clear that much hard work and focus is required in some areas which is why I support the inspectors in their plan to visit yet again to continue to monitor progress.

"Like them I will be interested in seeing how the agencies involved continue to improve the services to children and young people in Moray"


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