Morvern Post Code Issue goes to Parliament

01 September 2009

A petition is before the Scottish Parliament seeking a solution to the problem the people of Morvern suffer by being identified as Oban, two ferry journeys and many miles away from where they actually live.

The petition has been submitted by local resident Dr Douglas Watt and the Morvern Community Council and has the active backing of Highlands and Islands Labour MSPs, Peter Peacock, Rhoda Grant and David Stewart.

The post code causes all sorts of practical problems for Morvern residents - late postal arrivals, parcel deliveries being left in Oban and not delivered locally.

More worryingly, because so many services use post codes, like NHS 24 and the ambulance service, public safety can be compromised if people are mistakenly directed to the nearest hospital as being in Oban, for example.

Local Doctors have expressed real concern for tourists calling emergency services and who do not know about the problem.

In addition issues like quotes for insurance can be higher because the insurers think the person is living in a place where they are not.

Local people have become increasingly frustrated and are still fighting what Peter Peacock described as "intransigence" by Royal Mail.

Mr Peacock said: "There have been umpteen attempts over the years to get the Royal Mail to change their minds, but none has been successful.

"Dr Watt and the Community Council are giving it another go and this time are seeking the support of the Scottish Parliament's Petitions Committee.

"The whole thing is a nonsense and an organisation as sophisticated as Royal Mail must be able to find an answer to the problem.

"Where there is a will, there is usually a way and Royal Mail need to show the will to do something and meet the real needs of their customers."

Mr Peacock added: "My colleagues and I have been happy to help the local community through the Parliamentary procedures to lodge the petition and will support the petition in Parliament.

"Hopefully by persuading the Petitions Committee this is an issue, Royal Mail might pay a bit more attention."

Peter Peacock has also produced a two minute video which features local people and highlights the issue.

The video will be sent to Royal Mail to back up the petition once it has gathered local support.

The video can be viewed at


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